Wishing ‘Powerstar’ Pawan Kalyan a Very Happy Birthday

Pawan Kalyan is in a league of his own. From being just the brother of ‘Megastar’ to the ‘Powerstar’ of Tollywood, Pawan Kalyan has traveled a long way. Over the years he has not only grown bigger and much bigger with each passing year but he has gained an immense popularity that is inseparable from the lore of Telugu cinema.

Filmmakers aspire to cast him in their creations and screenplay writers dream of weaving celluloid magic based on his onscreen histrionics. Because beyond the aura of Pawan Kayan, beyond the facade of the ‘Powerstar,’ there beats the soul of a consummate performer – an artist for whom celluloid is a dimension of existence and expression.


Being the youngest brother of Tollywood’s biggest star ‘Megastar’ Chiranjeevi’s brother, foraying into cinema was a cakewalk for Pawan Kalyan, but he has carved a niche for himself and has come out of his brother’s shadow very soon.

Though Pawan Kalyan’s debut film “Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi” got released amidst humongous expectations, the movie didn’t fare well as expected and turned out to be an average flick.

A New Dawn:

Despite his next films “Gokulamlo Seetha,” and “Suswagatham” fared extremely well, and had established himself as a force to contend with in Tollywood but superstardom was yet to come.

Pawan’s fourth movie “Tholiprema” changed things. This marked a new beginning. Telugu cinema now had its a reformed diffident youth. And riding the waves of the popularity of this particular typecast began a remarkable journey of fame and success.

Every film producer knew that if he cast Pawan in their film, he had a hit. With his brilliant acting skills and his ability to deliver blockbusters after blockbuster, Pawan Kalyan was set for the long haul. But then when he was at the height of his popularity, there came a hiccup in his career. After “Kushi,” that became the grandest success in his acting career, he took a sabbatical of almost two years, after which he starred in his directorial debut, “Johny,” which released on 25 April 2003, amidst much fanfare and extreme hype.

However, the film failed to live up to the expectations of his fans due to a weak script, which was written by Pawan himself. Though the film covered its budget, it was considered a huge loss when compared to his other films.

After the disappointment with “Johny,” Pawan Kalyan considered taking the break from direction and showed interest only in acting. He later went over many scripts and discussed various projects with different directors. He finally appeared in several movies like “Guduma Shankar,” “Balu,” however, it was “Gabbar Singh” which is said to be his comeback film.

Releasing on 11 May 2012, the film broke all his previous Box office records and became a smashing hit. This was followed by yet another blockbuster, and an industry hit of that time “Atharintiki Daredi,” which obliterated all the previous existing box-office records.

A bit of a recluse, Pawan may be. But everyone who’s had the privilege of knowing the ‘Powerstar’ has come away with a spring in his step and a warm glow in the heart. Warm, friendly and affable, he’s the sort who deserves all the superstardom he’s earned. Such men, indeed, are rare…

‘Power Star’ Pawan Kalyan turns 45 on 2nd September 2016. On this blissful occasion, thetelugufilmnagar.com wishes the ‘Power Star’ a very Happy Birthday and a prosperous life ahead.

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