RGV’s yet another Biopic ?


Of course, idiosyncrasies are not to be taken seriously. They just make people feel comfortable and when it happens in cinema, it is fun to notice. But, the fun remains only as long as the movies being made are interesting and these idiosyncrasies have the flavor of the season.

The eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma who is an expert in biopics and gangster dramas, is all set to come up with yet another biopic after working on real themes like “Rakta Charitra,” “Killing Veerappan,” and “Vangaveeti.” The crime story which caught Ram Gopal Varma attention is the life story of the underworld gangster Nayeemuddin who was shot in an encounter recently.

Just gathered entire information on Nayeemuddin from multiple sources. His crimes over the years are full of true hair-raising details. Nayeemuddin’s transformation from a Naxalite to a police informant to an underworld gangster to become an all time Criminal no.1 is scary. Nayeemuddin’s story is so complex and with so much of content that it’s impossible to justify it by telling it in only one feature film. Am going to make a 3 part film on the Nayeem story ..Rakthacharitra had only two parts.Nayeem will have 3 parts,” is what the talented filmmaker said on his micro-blogging site.

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZFcNVKytrU”]


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