The Flip side of Rajinikanth

Once on the firmament of the screen the star grew brighter and brighter and there has been no stopping of its dominance of the Tamil entertainment world. None knew and few imagined the growth of this actor into an all dominating figure of the Tamil screen. Only the screen perhaps was aware of it.

Rajinikanth who appeared in some inconsequential roles during the initial part of his career has emerged as the biggest Superstars of Indian cinema and has created an aura called ‘Rajini‘.

While many are aware of his movies and styles, here are few interesting and unknown facts about the ‘Thalaiva‘.

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Born as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad in Marathi-speaking family, Rajinikanth was raised in Bangalore and worked as a Bus Conductor before foraying to Cinema.

Personal Info:

Height : 5 feet 7 inch
Weight : 70 kg

Date of Marriage: 26.2.1981/4:30 AM
Place of Marriage: Tirupathi

Here are some favorite things that Rajinikanth likes!
Fav Colour: Black
Fav God : Sri Raghavendra Swamy
Fav Books : Books written by Sri Ramana Maharishi
Fav City : Chennai
Fav Drinks: Juice & Curd
Fav Foods : Chicken & Mutton items
Happiest Moments: To be alone
Fav Dress : white Kurtha
Fav Place : Himalaya
Fav Hollywood Actor:  Sylvester Stallone
Fav Indian Actor: Kamal Haasan
Fav Actress : Rekha (Hindi )
Fav Role : Romantic Roles
Most Valuable item : Appreciation Letter from K.Balachander for the film “Mullum Malayum”
Fav Language : English
Fav Novel : Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan & T -Janakiraman’s Amma Vanthal
Fav Cinema Scene : Duet Scene
Fav Writer : Tayagandhan
Fav Poet : Kannadasan
Fav Musician : lllayaraja
Fav Speaker : Vattal Nagaraj
Fav Song : Songs sung by Chandrababu
Fav Film : Veera Kesari ( Kannada)
Fav Politician : Singapore President Lee Quan-u
Unforgettable Leader : Mahatma Gandhiji
About Gandhiji : Form of Truth; Great Yogi
Message to Fan : Live & Let Live

Rajini’s philosophy: “I live for myself l don’t care anybody but l respect everybody”.

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