RGV Needs ‘Shooters’ And ‘Gang Members’ For His Company

The controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma always manages to hit headlines with his actions and statements. The film director took to his official twitter handle and shared an exciting news. RGV announced that he need shooters and gang members for his company. Confused!

As RGV is, his list of qualifications too were edgy in his style stating age and place are not a bar and has also asked to pen down three favorite films along with supporting reasons in just three lines. In his style has asked for the last liked film and also the film not liked at all with reasons.

RGV has also asked the applicants to shoot a scene which is given on his website http://www.rgv.company along with dialogues. So, it’s now time for the ardent followers and admirers of Ram Gopal Varma to try their luck and gain a place in his factory.

Well, RGV has in this regard tweeted, “I need SHOOTERS and GANG Members for my COMPANY..for details check out http://www.rgv.company #rgvcompany.

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jt5c-2FpGk”]


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