Confusion over Chiranjeevi’s 150th Movie

Megastar Chiranjeevi who dominated an entire era as the hero nonpareil has been on a self-imposed exile from movies for close to a decade. The hero who has been luring his fans since quite a long time has finally given the nod to his most prestigious comeback movie.

Though Chiranjeevi was skeptical about the second half of the movie, Vinayak‘s improvements to the story to suit the taste of the audience has highly impressed the Megastar and the regular shoot is all set to begin from 6th of June.


However, as per the latest update, the movie’s regular shooting might get delayed as Chiranjeevi is on the strict fitness regimen and wants to shed more weight. An official announcement on the date is still to be declared by the film unit.

It remains to be seen whether the movie can get released for Sankranthi next year as the shooting hasn’t started yet.

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