10 Highlights of Sardaar Gabbar Singh

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10 Highlights of Sardaar Gabbar Singh

The long wait is over. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is back on screen after a long gap of 3 years in a full-fledged role with Sardaar Gabbar Singh. There are no vacillating opinions about his stardom, he is unique and he is an aura himself. The actor with the biggest fanbase in the South cinema is coming up an out and out entertainer, we bring you out 10 top reasons to watch Sardaar Gabbar Singh.

1. The story, Screenplay by Pawan Kalyan himself. Pawan Kalyan has scripted the story with his fans in his mind and the movie is said to be a thorough entertainer from title to title.

2. Pawan Kalyan and Kajal’s love thread will be one of the major highlights in the movie. Kajal, who will be seen as a princess Arshi who goes head over heels for Pawan Kalyan after he saves her from falling into a waterfall, but hides her identity and acts as a maid to the princess. Their romantic thread would be a real feast to the audiences.

3. Not to mention Pawan Kalyan – Ali’s combination, Ali is always a must in all Pawan’s movies and in this movie too, he plays Pawan’s childhood crony Sambha. Orphans by birth Pawan Kalyan and Ali were raised by a Police Officer and eventually Pawan Kalyan becomes an SI and Ali, his constable.

4. Brahmanandam, well without him, the fun is incomplete. Brahmanandam who was seen as a recovery office in Gabbar Singh will be seen as a member of Rajput dynasty in the movie, who tries to mock Pawan Kalyan and his role in the movie is said to be another standout one.

5. Pawan Kalyan – DSP’s combo – Livewire Devi Sri Prasad has delivered some of the best chartbusters to Pawan Kalyan in the movies Jalsa, Gabbar Singh and Atharintiki Daredi and music of Sardaar Gabbar Singh has already topped the charts.

6. Production values – Sharat Maraar and EROS International has shelled out heaps of money with high production values to make the movie a visual spectacle.

7. Rathanpur village backdrop – An attractive Palace in an idyllic setting and quaint village setting, is surely something that would take your breath off!

8. Interval bang – The pre-interval episode goes smoothly in an entertaining way and with the interval fight, the movie’s mood takes off to a serious mode. The interval fight episode which was shot over 100 artists is said to be the major highlight of the movie. Fight masters Ram-Laxman has composed this fight sequence in a powerful way and has used the high-end cameras like Phantom Dolly for this.

9. Dance Episode – The film, which chronicles the clash between the powerful cop Pawan Kalyan and a land mafia don Sharad Kelkar (Bhairon Singh). Sharad Kelkar makes Pawan Kalyan loses his job and throws a challenge to win him in the dance competition to get reinstated. The dance competition between Sardaar Gabbar Singh’s gang and Bhairon Singh’s gang would double the entertainment.

10. Pawan Kalyan’s punch dialogues – Carrying forward the legacy of Gabbar Singh, Pawan Kalyan is back with his trademark punch dialogues in the movie, few of which are:

a. Nenu Punchlesthe Whistles padthay, Adhe naa paine Punchlu veyyalani try chesthe, neniche counter ki Nuvvu Encounter avthav

b. Are howle, nenu gurranni kadu bey, nuvvekki sawari cheydaniki, simhanni.

c. Evadu kottina blood vosthundi, kani nenu kodthe blood toh patu bhayam kooda vosthundi

d. Naa Thikkau o Lekkundi, kaani naa stamina ki kaaduroy

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